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Painting The Outside Of Your Home

Painting the exterior of your home can increase its street appeal significantly – whether you are looking to add value to your home if you are selling, or improving the look and feel of your home for yourself.

The Northern Beaches experience every season, from rain, to sun, to salty air and everything in between, so it’s important to paint the outside of your home with weather enduring paint so that it can hold up to the toughest of elements and still look beautiful.

How do we prepare for exterior painting?

Exterior painting preparation is critical to ensure your paint has a smooth and long-lasting finish. At Northern Beaches House Painting we take careful and professional care when preparing the outside of your home to be painted as we recognise that this is a very important step in achieving a great result.
Often the outside of our home can take a beating from the elements, particularly if it hasn’t been painted for some time, or if the paint used initially was not of a high quality. We will remove peeling and flaking paint, grime, dirt and all types of residue that might impact the application of the paint to overcome any obstacles to a polished finish. If any external contracting is required for this process, we will discuss this with you prior to commencement.

How to choose exterior house colours?

Just as choosing paint for the inside of your home can be a challenge, so too can be the selection of a colour palette for the exterior. We offer a consultative approach with colours to help you make this important decision. As Northern Beaches specialists, we are very familiar with winning outdoor colour combinations for your house, so can advise you on what colours work best together and which colours are the most enduring, while still remaining on trend and reflecting the style of the area. We only use the highest quality exterior paints, to ensure your home looks amazing for many years to come.

What type of home exterior materials can be painted over?

We paint all types of homes, including:

  • Brick
  • Weatherboard
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Render
  • Steel
  • And many more​

We will work with you to ensure the best possible finish, regardless of the material on the exterior of your home.

Painting courtyards, gardens and outdoor dining areas

In addition to the external walls of your home, painting a garden, courtyard or outdoor dining area can give your home a fresh, new feel and add some life and colour to our favourite ‘outdoor rooms’. We spend so much of our time at home, so why not bring some new life into our outdoor areas with a fresh coat of paint. You won’t look back!

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Need a professional painter? Look no further!

Need a professional painter? Look no further!